We’re so excited to bring value to your life.

We serve people who are longing for real moments and honest stories, who want to create art and get their shoes muddy for the sake of adventure, who are passionate about what they bring to the world, and who desire to connect with others because they believe relationship is the most important thing.


Hey there! I’m Kailyn, a goofy granola girl with a heart for adventure. Most days you can find me waking up with the sun, listening to podcasts, and cooking healthy meals. I am mostly known for my creativity, passion for people, and ability to make others feel comfortable and welcome. People often refer to me as a joyful, empathetic, and helpful individual whose dreams are never-ending. I love serving the world by radiating encouragement to others and making people feel beautiful down to the core of who they are. I’m most passionate about my faith, connecting with other humans, learning how to love better, and making the world a place of joy.


Hi friend! I’m Eric, a fun-loving nerd with a heart for storytelling. Most days you can find me watching movies, starting something new, and frequenting Spotify’s various catalogues. I am mostly known for my drive, passion for hard-work, and ability to think quick on my feet. People often refer to me as a thoughtful, graceful, and easy-going leader who’s always open to new ideas and exploration. I love serving the world by being generous to others and making people feel valued simply for who they are. I’m most passionate about grace, seeking truth, learning how to love better, and making the world a place of hope.


Simple is the name of the game. We know you don’t have time to waste, so from start to finish, we make it an easy process for you.


Our work feels like a movie. Through our professional visual and editing techniques, we create artistic work that makes you stand out from the crowd.



Stories bring people together like nothing else. Our work features your story powerfully and effectively as it connects you with others.


We get it — dealing with a big company or agency can be overwhelming. It can be inefficient. It can make you question whether or not your needs will be met.

As a team of two, we work hard to ensure that your production operates according to your specifications.

You should always feel free to ask questions, request revisions, and speak honestly about your vision and goals.

We work to provide a personalized experience for you, and streamline your photo and video content to fit your brand perfectly.



An artist at heart, I worked to hone my skills as a photographer throughout my early years. As a teenager, I constantly practiced lighting techniques and camera tricks, and I was eventually paid for my photography for the very first time (a whopping $20, for which I am still proud of). Following my graduation from high school, I moved to Nashville and studied under a world-renowned photographer, Julie Paisley, as we travelled across the east-coast to shoot weddings of all kinds. In the years following my return to California, I attended various conferences and workshops, connected with local creatives, and grew into my own as a self-employed photographer.

My love for filmmaking blossomed while a part of the media program at Minarets Charter High School in O’Neals, California. As I began to learn principles of production and the visual language at a young age, I worked to produce creative projects and artistic ventures of all sorts. Eventually, my craft led me to a local student film festival through which I took home multiple awards for my shorts. After graduating, I began the pursuit of my degree in Mass Communications and Journalism, and started my video production business through which I built a professional portfolio and served a variety of local businesses over the following years.

We quickly became companions as we both grew in our respective crafts. In time, our friendship turned into something special as the truth was impossible to deny: we were falling in love. Our friendship became a romance through which we’ve both grown in incredible ways, and as we’ve been able to become better individuals, we’ve learned that we can best serve the world as a team.

We began to craft a vision for what we could bring to the table as a duo, rather than as two separate businesses. We brainstormed ideas on how to make our services streamlined, and we developed a plan on how we could meet the needs and solve the problems of our dream clients. We pinpointed our individual strengths and weaknesses, so that we could form a new business model that would be as effective and efficient as possible.

Our journey has led us here. Now, using our combined skills, we work to bridge the gap between consumer and creator, benefactor and non-profit, customer and business. Through our services, we provide a one-stop-shop for businesses, brands, and more to create invaluable content for their online presence. We help our clients achieve their dreams and cherish their stories. Ultimately, our journey has led us not only to our combined services, but also to our marriage, in which we plan for our future to come.

Running the Numbers

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creative minds and willing hearts

we Love travel.

We’re adventurers who find value in seeing the world as it is, not as we expect it to be. We love trying new things. We love meeting new people, wandering busy streets, finding new places to eat, and taking photos never taken before.

Got work for us outside of California? Don’t fret! We’ll be happy to come to you. Our thirst for adventure makes us perfect for whatever you may need.

Got work for us outside of California? Don’t fret! We’ll be happy to come to you. Our thirst for adventure makes us perfect for whatever you may need.

Our Latest Work

Many of the stories we tell are right here on our website. Here you can read about the people that we’ve served, and view examples of our work.

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