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Kailyn Julianna

+ Eric Benjamin

Media Developers and Strategists

We’re a married business duo passionate about storytelling and creativity, and we’re here to unlock positive messages and communicate them to the world in the best way possible.

Together, with over 10 years of experience in media production, we’ve had the privilege of partnering with so many different and amazing organizations that each offer something unique.

Through media strategy and development on various platforms, we strive to make a positive impact on culture by creating beautiful things. From commercial partnerships, to adventure weddings and elopements, to various YouTube channels, to our very own print shop, and more, we never limit creative opportunities.

We’re here to make a positive impact on culture. Below are just some of the things we’ve created with this purpose in mind.


Evergreen Media is a production company that helps organizations effectively integrate media into their communications strategy, so that they can clarify their message and harness the power of evergreen content to expand their reach and maximize their impact. We are dedicated to partnering with businesses, churches, non-profits, and others, who are driven by a shared purpose: making a positive difference in the culture. We understand the power of media as a catalyst for change and believe that storytelling is a compelling tool to amplify impactful messages.

Adventure Weddings

+ Elopements

We serve people who are longing for real moments and honest stories, who want to create art and get their shoes muddy for the sake of adventure, who are passionate about what they bring to the world, and who desire to connect with others because they believe relationship is the most important thing. Wedding documentation is powerful, meaningful, and important. We’re here to help you capture and remember what is most important to your heart.

Kailyn Julianna

Nutrition science

By blending timeless wisdom with modern science, Kailyn equips individuals with the tools to conquer persistent health problems, find balance, and discover a more joyful and vibrant life for themselves and their loved ones. Since she learned how to nourish her body with wholesome food and lifestyle changes, that address the underlying causes of illness, she has embarked on a mission to help other experience freedom through healthy living. Kailyn shares helpful videos on YouTube, and amazing content on her website’s blog.

The Meaning of Things

In 2017, Eric launched his YouTube channel dedicated to analyzing storytelling, film, and art in general. With over 25,000 subscribers, Eric has explored popular television and film franchises, and continues to explore the complexity of narrative storytelling through a mythological, theological, and philosophical lens.

Kailyn + Eric

The Nerdy Married Couple

Focusing on pop culture trends, we have enjoyed publishing content to our joint YouTube channel. This channel is a reaction and gaming channel that has grown into a fun and wholesome community of people who share similar interests in all things storytelling. On this channel, we watch movies, TV shows, play video games, and do more fun things to create a fun-loving culture of nerdy goodness.

print shop

We’ve curated the best and most beautiful stills that we’ve taken from all around the United States and made them available for everyone to enjoy at any time. We’ve captured amazing stills featuring everything from national parks to some of America’s most famous cities. The process is simple; visit the store, select your favorite photos, and choose the kind of print that you want. Our lab partners will create your print and fulfill your order; you can sit back and relax as high-quality prints are shipped directly to you.

Portrait photo


For personal use, we love to book portrait photo sessions for families, couples, seniors, and more. Family photo sessions that are great as holiday or birthday gifts. Likewise, romantic photo sessions for couples celebrate their love and bring them closer together. Senior sessions are celebratory and professional photos to commemorate a graduate’s success and future. Here, we shoot photos for every occasion.


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