katie & sam


When Eric and I first met up with Katie and Sam at a local coffee shop, we were instantly drawn to them as a couple. Their charm was refreshing and genuine, and they were a perfect mix of warmth and coolness — Katie, a teacher, with her bubbly personality, joyful energy, and ability to make anyone feel at ease, and Sam, a barber, with his soft-spoken kindness, classy personal style, and artistic tattoos.

They were looking for someone to capture the essence of their individuality and the special moments of their unique day. We were truly honored when they chose us to document their wedding.

The morning was spent getting ready with their closest friends — laughing, telling stories, and making sure everyone looked their best. Katie was an oh-so-graceful bride, and Sam was her dashing groom. It was finally the day they had waited for all these years.

We made our way to the ceremony and reception venue — the historic Downtown Club in Fresno — which was a perfect choice for the warm, intimate feel they wanted. Reunions were in order as family and friends started showing up — it was almost time! We captured portraits of the bridal parties amongst the beautiful brick buildings and textures of the city, before moving everyone inside to hide away before the big moment.

Everyone sat at their tables, huddled in close to witness the sweet, meaningful moments of the ceremony. And suddenly, the beautiful words were spoken — “husband and wife” — and they were married at last! With joy they made their way back up the aisle, stopping for a kiss on the way as everyone cheered.

As we made our way into the evening, the reception was full of warm, cozy feelings as glasses clinked, laughter echoed, and flickers of candlelight reflected through the room. We snuck away during a pause in the events to create some beautiful portraits of the bride and groom in the soft shadows of night surrounded by the glow of the city.

The night ended with the most epic dance party, and as everyone jumped and sang and cheered, it was easy to see the love filling the room. Everyone was having such a special time, and no one wanted to leave. But finally the time came for the grand exit, and we snapped the last few photos of the night as their guests cheered, waved ribbon wands, and ushered the two lovebirds out the doors into the grandest adventure of their lives.

Thank you, Katie and Sam, for allowing us to be a part of your wedding day. We wish you all God’s blessings and all the love in the world as you continue to experience the joy of marriage.

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When Eric and I first met up with Katie and Sam at a local coffee shop, we were instantly drawn to them as a couple. Their charm was refreshing and genuine, and they were a perfect mix of warmth and coolness -- Katie, a teacher, with her bubbly personality, joyful...

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